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Clare Campbell, Daily Mail features writer and former contributing editor or Marie Claire

"I first came to see Kim after suffering chronic neck and shoulder pain (due to a scoliosis of the spine which I first had diagnosed in my teens). Although the curvature was not considered severe enough for an operation, it has resulted over the years in persistent pain and stiffness, particularly when I am tense or after long periods working on a laptop. I was also not sleeping very well and felt lacking in energy as a result of a prolonged period of stress in the family.


As my career has been primarily in newspaper journalism specialising in women’s health, I have often tried various therapies, including deep tissue massage and acupuncture, which, although they provided temporary relief , never seemed to have any lasting effect. Until coming to see Kim and trying a course of Bowen, that is.


Although I cannot pretend to understand how Bowen works, the proof is in the fact that three months on from my last treatment not only has my posture greatly benefited , but my energy levels and sleeping patters are also much improved.

I will certainly seek treatment from Kim again and now think of Bowen as a way of maintaining wellness as much as a therapy for pain relief. Kim is calm, centred and highly professional and helped me to feel more relaxed from the moment I walked in the door. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Valerie Schofield, Bury St Edmunds

"A very relaxing experience. There was no savage manipulation - just gentle movements. I thought, this is lovely but it can’t be doing anything. How wrong I was! After each treatment, I slept so much better and although I ached a bit for a day or two, after that my symptoms felt so much better. I’ve been to Kim for a couple of different problems and would highly recommend anyone to let Kim help you. After three sessions of Bowen with Kim, my Dupuytrens Disease was healed. Before treatment, I could not make a fist but now I have no symptoms."


Chris Dougherty, Bury St Edmunds

"I was referred to Kim as my usual Bowen therapist was unavailable.  Kim undertook the normal fact finding and detailed questioning regarding my back injury and general health, before commencing a series of treatments.  I was barely mobile and in some pain at the beginning, but after three sessions I was well on the way to total recovery.  I wholeheartedly recommend Bowen treatment and Kim for her friendly and professional manner."

Pam, Bury St Edmunds

"Having nursed for 40 years, I am very aware of mental and physical well being in maintaining a healthy life style. I found my Bowen Therapy with Kim both beneficial and relaxing to mind and body. My frequent migraine attacks also disappeared for a number of weeks.  I found Kim's attitude professional and relaxing."

Julie Williams, Thetford

"I met Kim through a friend who said that Kim was looking for case studies and I decided I should give it a go. I had many ailments including sciatica since a car accident some years previously that at the time had physiotherapy and regularly saw an osteopath. However, nothing had managed to help with my sciatica. When I met Kim she was lovely and reassuring and very professional in her approach she was able to make sense of all of the history I provided her (and there was a lot). Kim started her treatment plan, within the first three sessions everything I had spoken to Kim about had improved, especially my sciatica which has now disappeared altogether. It is post 4 months since my last treatment and sciatica has not returned. I am happy to recommend both Kim and the Bowen to anyone and everyone as I could not believe how well it worked for me."

Kathleen Harrison, Bury St Edmunds

"Thank you for your help with my rotary cuff problem. I really felt so much better after time with you. Kim you have a very kind personality and really listened to my problem. I would advise anyone to give Bowen a try and especially Kim."

Allison Johnson, Bury St Edmunds

"I went to see kim as I had been getting colds and coughs every month or so lasting weeks.... I wasn't sleeping well and had lots of aches and pains. It's very difficult to explain the treatment but it is definitely worth going.  My sleep and back pain improved and my immune system seems to have got stronger as I've not had a cold since going."

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